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Welcome to the Club!

Not only DOES Jesus rock,
He's THE Rock!

I'm not exactly sure what the Savior has planned for this thing, but because I know how He is, I'm sure it's gonna be cool!

If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed that the world has become somewhat unstable. While I won't expound on all the reasons that I believe that we're entering into what
the Savior called the
"Time of trouble",
I WILL say that there's only ONE real refuge from all that lies ahead... It's in the arms of our Creator.

All that being said, make sure to check us out as often as you can and stay encouraged.

If you DON'T know Jesus,
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This is the
Key To Forever!

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Acts 2:21...

And it shall come to pass
that all who call upon the
name of the Lord
shall be saved.

Community Gallery Chat Room Testimonies